How To Set Up Your Diet Profile

Set up your diet profile.

Your diet profile tells the site to filter recipes based on what you can eat. 

  1. Choose one or more diets or food allergens from the list. 

  2. Add any additional ingredients you don't tolerate.

Note: only remove ingredients here that are not easy to substitute. For example, you would not want to remove garlic because it can easily be left out of a recipe. Removing too many ingredients here will filter out too many recipes. 

Note: If you are following the Elimination Diet, only choose the exact Phase you are currently in or would like to meal plan for. If you choose all three phases, the site will only show you recipes for Phase 1. You can easily go back and update your diet profile at any time through the Diets tab in your user profile. 

Here is a video that shows you how to set up your diet profile. 

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How Do I Choose a Diet?

Start with the basics.

If you don't follow a specific diet or have not received a diet protocol from your health care practitioner and you are ready to make some positive dietary changes, choose a Clean Eating Diet or Mediterranean Diet to begin. These diets are foundational lifestyle "diets" that will set you on a life-long path of health. You can also scroll through the information on the Diets page to learn more about different diets and see which diet might be most beneficial to follow. 

Try an Elimination Diet.

If you have certain health conditions that you would like to try to resolve with diet, then you may want to explore starting an Elimination Diet. A Basic Elimination Diet removes just a few food groups that most people react to, and a Full Elimination Diet removes additional food groups that many individuals may react to. Food groups are then slowly reintroduced over a period of time to see if your symptoms return.

Get professional guidance. 

If you need further guidance, talk with your health care practitioner or consider scheduling an appointment with us to help guide you. 

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