How to Make Chicken Stock with Nettles
Apr 28, 2011

How to Make Chicken Stock with Nettles

Stocks or broths can be used in many different ways, well beyond soups. Homemade stock is far more nutritious than store-bought stock, even the organic brands. For one, commercial stocks, whether chicken or vegetable, use many different "natural" flavorings. What is a natural flavoring anyway?

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Feb 18, 2011

Healing Chicken Ginger Soup

I have been making this soup a lot these days. It is spicy, warming, and healing....just perfect to help kick this cold I've had. First I make a simple broth using bone-in chicken breasts, a bunch of chopped fresh ginger, a whole head of garlic, fresh lemongrass, and a few cups of chopped shiitake mushrooms.

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Feb 24, 2010

Cream of Broccoli Soup (Dairy-Free)

I have a very simple nourishing recipe for you today. Anyone remember cream of broccoli soup from your childhood? I do. My mom used to make a cheesy cream of broccoli soup that I don't remember being too fond of. Well, this one is delicious and naturally gluten-free and dairy-free.

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Feb 01, 2010

Creamy Potato Leek Soup

The words "creamy" and "soup" usually elicit thoughts of a rich puréed vegetable base with heavy cream stirred in. This simple soup gets its creaminess by puréeing part of the soup after it has cooked. I grew up eating my mom's creamy (and dairy-free) potato soup which very much resembles this recipe.

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Jan 22, 2010

Moroccan Chickpea and Potato Soup

Today I offer you an easy, warming soup recipe from my cookbook, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. This is by far one of my family's favorite recipes. I probably make it about twice a week!

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Jan 06, 2010

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

This warming, nourishing pumpkin soup is the perfect thing to warm you up on a chilly day. This soup recipe is an Elimination Diet recipe for Phase 2. It is free of nuts, citrus, tomatoes, dairy, and peppers ~ all ingredients commonly found in creamed soups.

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Soothing Red Lentil Soup-2
Dec 18, 2009

Soothing Red Lentil Soup

It has been cold lately, very cold! It seems as if soups and stews are the daily staple now. Today I'd like to share with you a fairly new recipe of mine. One that was created about a week and a half ago. A warming, nourishing......soothing red lentil soup.

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Sep 30, 2009

Chipotle Black Bean and Yam Stew Recipe

This black bean stew is warming and comforting, just perfect for a blustery fall day. I like to serve it over cooked quinoa topped with a cilantro and cabbage slaw (recipe to follow). It just feels better to eat something raw with a cooked meal.

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Sep 06, 2009

Healing Quinoa Cabbage Soup

This very simple, nourishing soup aids in detoxification, though you'd never guess by the taste. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to prepare....perfect if you feel like you are starving during Phase 2 of the Elimination Diet!

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