Rhubarb Scones (gluten-free + egg-free)

Ali Segersten Jun 09, 2011 12 comments
Rhubarb Scones (gluten-free + egg-free)

Rhubarb is in season here! It is almost like the first fruit of the season. There are so many creative ways to use rhubarb, such as in compotes, pies, jams, sauces, crisps, scones, and ice cream! If you have any more ideas please share. These gluten-free, vegan rhubarb scones make a tasty breakfast treat or afternoon snack with tea.

This is another recipe of mine that doesn't require any starches or xanthan gum. The binding action comes from the chia seeds and sweet rice flour. If you are looking for a good source of chia seeds that are a little less expensive than buying them at your local health food store, I found them on sale today at Nutiva.com. I usually buy a ten pound bag from Azure Standard but forgot to include it in my recent order. Be sure to store them in your refrigerator. I usually grind about a cup in my Vitamix to use during the week. I store the ground seeds in a tightly sealed glass jar in my refrigerator.

I normally use coconut sugar in my scone recipes but I realized today that I was out, so I used the organic cane sugar in my pantry for kombucha making. They were slightly sweeter than normal but still tasty!


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These are delicious; loved the tartness of the rhubarb. Since I've been on the ACD diet I used coconut palm sugar and they were almost too sweet! I will try 3 Tb next time.

These scones are so yummy!! I made them using lemon zest instead of the orange and the are delightful! Ali, you're amazing! The crumb is perfect and the sweetness is just right! Thanks Ali!


My daughter is GF/DF/egg free and also no oranges and strawberries. I see some of your recipes call for orange rind or orange juice. What would you recommend as a substitute?


Oh boy oh boy no egg!! Thank you so much for creating yummy egg-free goodies! Thanks to Tom's elimination diet I discovered the egg sensitivity, which I think sucks way worse than my gluten and dairy allergies... so thx for coming up with these recipes so I'm not too deprived!

Our rhubarb season is nearly over here in the UK, traditionally picking stops on the shortest day and that's next week, but I might just be able to squeeze in one more harvest to make these delicious looking scones!

Hello, could I replace the Chia seeds with Linseeds? Thanks! :)

I have an excellent rhubarb strawberry cobbler recipe-gluten/dairy free--done in the crock pot...I would like to share it with you. Where do I send it?

Ali, thank you so much for healthy delish recipes. I have used them to cook for my autistic grandson and now for a client (I color hair) who is GF and is going through chemo. Just wanted you to know how far you are spreading the love :-)
Quick question; I can't have rice so should I go back to using xanthan gum as with your yummy maple raspberry scones or can I tweak this recipe with something besides rice flour?
Thanks ever so much!

These look delicioius! No eggs and they are still moist! Love these recipes! Keep them coming!

YAY! My neighbor told me to take her rhubarb but since new GF I didn't know what to make with it. Now I do! Great Timing!

Gorgeous photos, Ali. Their simplicity makes them wonderful. I still haven't had rhubarb, but these scones would sure be a lovely way to try it!


phenomenal. as always i absolutely admire your baking accomplishments! and no xanthan!!

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