Easy Recipe
Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
35 minutes

This easy gluten-free and vegan dessert makes the perfect ending to a summertime meal. You can use this topping with any fruit filling. For Thanksgiving, try sliced apples and fresh cranberries, or use nectarines and freshly picked blackberries at the end of the summer, or, in the Spring, try chopped rhubarb and fresh strawberries!



4 peaches sliced
2¼ cups blueberries
2 tablespoons coconut sugar
1½ tablespoons arrowroot powder
¼ teaspoons ground nutmeg
¼ teaspoons ground cardamom


2 cups rolled oats
¼ cups brown rice flour
¼ cups arrowroot powder
1 teaspoons cinnamon
¼ teaspoons sea salt
½ cups melted coconut oil (or unsalted butter)
¼ cups maple syrup