Candied Walnuts: An Edible Holiday Gift

Ali Segersten Dec 22, 2009 8 comments

If you are looking for a great (edible) gift idea during the last minute Christmas frenzy, I've got a quick an easy one for you. Candied nuts made without refined sugars! The girls and I like to make them every year to give as gifts. This year we made them, packaged them in glass jars, placed pretty Christmas fabric and ribbon on them, and gave them as gifts to teachers and friends.

I actually posted this recipe last November, just after I started this blog, before I understood that it is best share one recipe per post. You can view this recipe in my Pear and Hazelnut Salad with Creamy Cranberry Dressing post. Just scroll down, you'll find it.

Happy Holidays to all! Hope your days are Merry and Bright!


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Just pulled a batch out of the oven and the kids are munching on them while they do homework. I only used 2T maple syrup and they were plenty sweet. If I gave them as gifts, I might use 3T syrup for those with a sweet tooth. Thank you for another delicious recipe !

i was so excited to try these and they are awesome!! even my "i don't like nuts" kid was gobbling them up! i wasn't sure whether to try raw or roasted nuts, ended up doing raw walnuts and pecans, and roasted unsalted almonds. the coating didn't stick very well to the almonds, but they still taste pretty good. :) thank you!

Would coconut oils work?

I am not clear if the recipe is after you have dehydrated the walnuts? We soaked them overnight, and then tried the recipe, they didn't taste so well, more wet then sticky. We did rinse them before adding to the recipe. Forgive me, as I am a new at learning about baking and cooking. Only wish I had your insight when my kids were younger. Love your blog. Thank you again.

Ali, this looks like such a fun and easy recipe. I cannot wait to give your version a try! And your pictures look beautiful! Also totally loving your awesome list of holiday recipes!! ;)

These are a delicious, easy snack food to make and don't last long in my household! Thanks for the holiday recipe - and thanks for all the great recipes and your hard work on them throughout the year!

That would taste fabulous! I can't wait to make it, my kids and I will surely enjoy it!

Not supposed to put more than one recipe per post? I'm not sure why, but I just did it on my blog today... ooops!

Thank you for sharing such great recipes and ultimately helping my family eat better. Have a Merry Christmas!

Fantastic! I love that you make these with maple syrup =D. What a fabulous list as well! Merry Christmas!

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