Dairy-Free Nacho Cheese Sauce

Ali Segersten Apr 16, 2010 193 comments

I am really excited to share with you today an amazing Dairy-Free Cookbook and Guidebook, Go Dairy Free, by Alisa Fleming! The fantastic nacho sauce recipe below comes from this book. I am also giving away a copy of the book, which will be sent to you directly from the author. Details at the bottom of the post.

This book is perfect for those of you looking for natural alternatives to your favorite dairy products, such as cheese, ice cream, milk, sour cream, and more. Go Dairy Free contains different recipes for each of those foods plus simple substitution ideas for practically all dairy products imaginable. From "Dairy-Free Fetta-ish to "Sunflower Seed Cheese to "Cashew Yogurt" to "Whipped Coconut Buttery Spread" to "Cashew Chai Frosting" this book has it all!

The book is about half recipes and half information on dairy. It starts out with "What is Dairy?" then moves into pasteurization and homogenization and the potential risks of these practices, and then on to evidence-based connections with dairy consumption and health issues which range from acne to cancer. Finally, if you are asking the question: "Where am I to get my calcium?" Alisa delves into non-dairy calcium-rich foods and other surprising secrets to strong bones. There are also chapters dedicated to dairy addiction, infants and food allergies, dining out, and reading food labels.


Go Dairy Free is a wonderful cookbook with so many great recipes. Most of the baking recipes contain gluten but the cheese alternatives are all gluten-free. I made macaroni and cheese today using the Orange Cheesy Sauce recipe from the book and Tinkyada rice noodles. My kids devoured it! Glad I got a photo before it was all gone!

The Five-Minute Nachos were equally delicious though my kids were not as fond of them. They did eat some though. Nachos are a funny thing for me because I have had them maybe only a handful of times during the course of my life. I just wasn't raised on highly processed foods. I was so happy to find this recipe in Alisa's book because it is made from healthy ingredients, all of which I had on hand. Well, except for roasted red bell peppers. I did have a few fresh ones in the fridge I so quickly roasted one in the oven. This ingredient is key! I initially made the sauce without it and it was so awful I had to compost it. Then I remade the sauce, added my freshly roasted pepper (after removing the skin), and voila - absolutely amazing dairy-free cheese sauce! Seriously, this sauce is addicting in a good way. My advice: follow her recipes exactly!


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Alissa Segersten holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University and a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. She is a Functional Nutritionist, the mother of five children, a whole foods cooking instructor, professional recipe developer, and cookbook author. She is passionate about helping others find a diet that will truly nourish them. Alissa is the author of two very popular gluten-free, whole foods cookbooks and guidebooks: The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and Nourishing Meals. She is also the co-author of The Elimination Diet book. Alissa is the founder and owner of Nourishing Meals®.

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Is there a sub for the cashews....my kids are really allergic to nuts!!

I love the dairy-free cheese sauce! You used it on nachos. It also works well on steamed cauliflower.

I tried this tonight and bakes it in the oven on the chips, as I would cheese (well, diyalia is the closest I can get due to dairy intolerance). Perhaps that was the mistake? It was thick and a little dry. Didn't taste like cheese sauce, but had a creamy feeling before I baked it.

Is there any substitute that you can use instead of the cashew nuts? My son is allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts, dairy, eggs, most seeds, seafood and fish. I would love to make this recipe for nachos but am not sure how to replace the cashews.

dairy and gluten free has changed mine and my daughters life. Love your receipes its been a great help..


My family is doing the elimination diet - we are finally in the challenge phase, this was at the top of my list to try! We had to use rice crackers but you know what - it was still delicious!!! I had non-believers that a dairy free cheese sauce could be good - thought it was excellent!


Thank you for posting this. I've tried a few Non-Dairy Cheese sauces and ended up throwing it out. This sauce is amazing! I had it over steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Delish! Your cookbook is awesome and I love your site. I don't know where I would be without you. Your bread recipes are so good, and has made this gluten/dairy free transition so easy for myself and my 3 year old. Never felt better. Thanks again.

Thank you for all the great recipes. It's not easy to go 'Free' by yourself. Thanks for all your help.

Michelle - 2 ounces roasted red peppers is actually about one small pepper. It doesn't have to be exact. Enjoy! This sauce recipe is amazing! :)

Anon - We use thinly sliced cucumbers often as "chips" -- or try making your own tortilla chips using brown rice tortillas. Enjoy! :)

Hi this cheese sauce looks yummy!
I was wondering if you have any ideas for corn chip alternatives? I'm trying to avoid corn as it just makes me feel so lethargic and unwell. I can't get sprouted tortillas where I am, I was thinking maybe something I could make at home? thanks

Hi Ali, I love your recipes so much, and use them all the time. Thank you. I am wanting to make the nachos but am confused about the 2 oz. red peppers. Is that by weight or measure? If it is by weight, will you weigh and measure and tell me the measured amount as I don't have a scale. Keep up the good work that you do. You are such a blessing. I can cook but to come up with wonderful recipes like you do seems impossible for me.

My husband has prostate cancer, and needs to be on a dairy free diet. And I find dairy aggravates my asthma! This looks like a wonderful book to give him some of the recipes he enjoys, but without the dairy, and would benefit both of us. Awesome! Pauline Lincoln

I made the nacho cheese sauce last night, and wow - it was incredibly delicious!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I will definitely be looking into that book.

I have not had the guts to go dairy free yet but my kids and I really need it! I absolutely love your website and thank you for all your effort!!!!! We have been doing green smoothies so I am doing a few things right!

This looks awesome! I wonder how it keeps: could I freeze it? If not, how long do you think it would keep in the fridge? (Planning ahead for weeknight dinners.)

Sounds yummy. I love reading your site... I"m fairly new to gluten-free, dairy-free eating and I love the fact that all the recipes you post are tasty and also calorie-conscious! And not only do I read your site, I actually make alot of the recipes :-)

Thanks so much!
Cynthia (Hong Kong)

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Here is the comment:

Lynn V. said...
I was so excited to see this book that I sat at the bookseller for more than an hour writing down recipes (limited income). My grandson loves ice cream; it is difficult for both of us when I take him to dairy queen. Your cookbook is wonderfully helpful and I'm waiting for the new one. I love the generous way you share recipes and resources.
April 17, 2010 7:19 P

Still haven't tried it yet, but oh so want to!

I love her blog so I'm sure I'd love her book. I'll have to try this recipe. Thanks!

I am so glad to have found your book and website. You have been a lifesaver as we manage several food sensitivities with our 3-year-old. The mac and cheese sounds great! I love the resources you share and would love to win this book!!

Tricia K.

I am dairy free (not by choice) and am really excited about this cookbook. Thanks for all that you do, I love your blog and your recipe ideas. You have been a real inspiration to me!

Stephania T.

I love the recipes that you have posted as I have been dairy free for a month now. It's great to be have more resources!

Thanks for coming up with recipes that sub for the things people miss when they can't have dairy. You guys are a great example of Bastyr grads in action!!!
LBT, MSN BU 1999

I still eat dairy cheese occasionally but really love all the new recipes that are out there for dairy free cheeses. They give me hope that one day I will go dairy free for good!
Steph S Portland

We are just trying to go casein and gluten free, we love your blog and cookbook. Thanks for all your great posts and help!


Everything on your website is AMAZING!....I would love to put my "comment" in the hat for this book...I have discovered that I need to be dairy free, as well as gluten free and vegan....VERY interesting fact...ONE day after I started following your Elimination Diet guidelines (loosely, as I haven't had a chance to order your book yet...)but within 24 hrs of being Gluten-free, my spring time allergies DISAPPEARED, I was without my medication and had been suffering horribly, and then suddenly, POOF, they were gone! I tried something with Gluten in it just to see, and within 30 minutes of having it my eyes started itching and I started sneezing!...I've told two of the docs I work with and they were very interested in hearing about this!..
Michele Bergeron-Martin

It would be great to be able to eat nachos again! And not have that greasy feel with it! Although since I don't eat yeast products, I'm wondering if it would taste the same without hte nutritional yeast. Thanks for all the great work you too do in keeping us informed and bringing great new recipes to us.

We just recently went Dairy Free. So nice to know that there are many different recipes out there to try. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes! ~J.D. :)

Facebook status allll about this book and the site. I LOVE this blog and hope I win the DF book!

I would love to try more yummy comfort food dairy free recipes from this cookbook. Unlike you, Ali, I can't count the number of times I've had nachos in my life!

Jenny B

Nachos are one of my favorite treats! I must admit, though, that they haven't been the same since I stopped eating cheese. ~waterbird

I'd love love love to begin my dairy free journey

Hi! the recipe looks fantastic I can't wait to try it...I'm allergic to dairy so always on the lookout for cookbooks with non-dairy or pseudo-dairy recipes & this one looks great so I'd love to have a copy as I will always miss things like cheese, etc!!
BTW, I've had your cookbook for several months & am enjoying trying out the recipes! They rock! :)

Oh, & I'm about to go share the link on FB too...

Peace & Blessings,
Christy A.

Oh, please pick me... we just found out my husband is allergic to dairy, but he's been a bugger about it because he loves cheese and ice cream so much. We already have your other cookbook and I use it from time to time. Thanks for having this contest!

Pamela Santnagelo

My nutritionist is dairy-free and has suggested I try it also. I'm now eating clean (which takes a while to get used to) but would also like to go dairy-free as well. I'd love to get a copy of this book!

Amy D

Just add any gluten-free chips and me and my vegan friends can enjoy this together.

Ali and Tom, I cannot even put into words how much your cookbook has transformed my health. I use one of your recipes at least once daily. Thank you for all of your hard work!!!

This looks great - nachos are totally on the menu for this week!!!

Thank you so much for this! As someone who has had to adapt pretty quickly to an allergen free world, having access to recipes such as this has been a blessing! Thank you! Phantasma

This sounds like an amazing resource! I continue to be amazed by all of the wonderful foods you can eat even when having to forego dairy & gluten!


I'd really love this cookbook. I've recently stopped eating dairy but still miss some of my favorite foods, so any recipes that would help me fit them back in are welcomed!

AIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!! I was SO EXCITED to see this post pop up on my facebook feed! I was just feeling mildly sorry for myself for not being able to partake in some mac & cheese this last weekend - I love it, but my tummy does not! Thanks to this recipe (and love Alisa's site, too!!!) we're having gluten-free/dairy-free mac & cheese tonight! YAY!!!!! Thanks for sharing *your* good recipes and find with us as well...never thought I'd be eating SO WELL with so many allergies/dietary restrictions! Bless!

Looking forward to trying the nacho recipe. And the grilled cheese sandwich on the front of the cover is enough to make me want the book badly!!

I am going to make this right away, as I already have many of the ingredients on hand. Your recipes are always a big hit in our house.

If I win the book, I will pass it along to my aunt who is trying to have the whole family go dairy free!

i will be trying this nacho cheese sauce for sure. and the mac and cheese is a must as well!!!

Wow, I NEED this cookbook! Hope I win!

It is so great to find cheese substitutes that don't contain soy! I made the macadamia nut cheese and used it with pizza and it was amazing... in fact I have made 4 pizzas in the last 2 months :). I can't wait to try the cheese sauce also! Thank you!

Hi Ali - I was trying to get the duplicate feeds out of my Google reader and somehow I deleted yours all together. The problem is now fixed. I knew something was missing!!

I am thrilled that you're featuring Alissa's book - I am not dairy free but I love cooking without dairy, especially learning new techniques to make food taste great. So glad that this has been a successful promotion so far!

I'm really excited to find out about that cookbook! It looks great! Since I can't do nightshades and I choose not to do yeast, I just ferment my cashews and blend them with homemade stock and chickpea miso, and that tastes great and cheesy as well! :)

That nacho sauce sounds terrific! Thank you for sharing it, and for offering a chance at winning a copy of Go Dairy Free!

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