Chocolate-Macadamia Nut Clusters

Ali Segersten Mar 23, 2010 92 comments

In preparing for Easter, I decided to make my own sugar-free candy (healthy treats) this year. The kids usually get a variety of raw nuts and dried fruits hiding inside those little plastic Easter eggs. That Easter bunny is just too darn healthy! Sometimes he leaves jelly beans and a lollipop too. Since chocolate can strongly affect some children, I'd recommend wrapping only one of these chocolate clusters up in a small square of parchment paper, tied up with a pretty ribbon, for your child. I have no doubt that the adults in the house will munch the rest.

We have just returned from Hawaii - our Vitamin D prescription for the winter (if you are following us on Facebook, you'd already know all about our trip!)! Our family enjoyed the sun and all of the fresh produce the islands have to offer. One of our favorite treats is, of course, the macadamia nut. We bought the roasted, salted variety while there but they weren't nearly as tasty as the crisp, raw unsalted type we found. Hence, macadamia nuts inspired many recipes. Don't worry if you aren't a fan of nuts, I have a number of fresh recipes AND an uncooking video to share soon!

family photo- Hawaii 2009

We packed food with us like grains, beans, nuts, and seeds but....What is the ONE spice we packed with us? Please leave a comment below. Those that have the correct guess with be entered to win a FREE copy of our cookbook, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook!

The recipe I am about to share is a new one, in fact, I created it today! I have had the idea whirling around in my mind for a while. You know how ideas are. Sometimes they take their time to come 'round.

Folks, this is a recipe to make YOUR OWN CHOCOLATE! Not melt chocolate. It is very easy, let's get to it! :)


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Such a terrific recipe, Ali! Love the family photo in front of the banyan tree!

I had no idea which spice you took, but I love cumin. I just used it in chili on Sunday. :-)

Congrats to the winners!


Congratulations to all the winners! I know you'll enjoy the cookbook :) LAM


For the Cumin group: Chaos and Love

For the Herbamare Group: Shanda

Could you both please email me at with your shipping addresses? Thanks! :)

The Contest is now CLOSED. Thanks everyone for your guesses!

The ONE spice we brought with us was CUMIN! I didn't consider Herbamare a spice. It is a salt/seasoning in my book, but we did bring it with us. Since so many of you guessed this and I didn't clarify, we will choose a name from the Herbamare guesses too.

Yep - 2 books will be given a way...stay tuned. :)

Hmmm.....I guess's one of my favorites too! KK

I learned about Herbamare through your cookbook and now I use it all the time. That is my guess!

I think you packed Herbamare since it is in so many of your recipes! I have yet to find it out my way yet though!

I dunno - cinnamon? :) It tastes great in any treat. :)

Not sure if it counts as a spice, but since I am positive that you must have taken the Herbamare, I'll go with that!

Herbamare! Karin C.

Herbamare seems to be your go to spice. Interested in knowing which spice it ended up being.

:) Christina C.

I guess cinnamon also. Wish I had hours to sit and go through your whole blog! Love it and have shared it with many friends.

herbamare KL's so multi-functional!

Cumin. Yummy. Great pic!

I also think its cinnamon
jenn w

What a great family photo. Wish I was there with you. I love Hawaii.
I'm guessing you took that Herbamare that you love to use on almost anything. Bring some with you to San Fran this fall. I've never been able to find it.

herbamare is my guess! you are the first that introduced me to it and we LOVE it on everything!

***Sri Lankan*** cinnamon.

that is my guess, love it on just about everything
Karen K

Love your blog and recipes. My guess is herbamare :-)

Cumin is the first spice that comes to mind when thinking of you :) It's cumin or herbamare, but as someone mentioned, it's not really a spice so I go with cumin.



Sarah S.

I woke up thinking about the question, "What spice". Herbamare is likely more herb than spice. Unfortunately I do not have any to look at the label. I am changing my answer to cumin. Hope you are right, Jennifer L.!)
I was surprised at how light the cocoa butter is. I thought that it would be brown.

looks like everyone else thinks like i do - Cinnamon. My son packs this in his lunchbox and my husband travels with it too, so add me to the list for "cinnamon".
Great picture by the way!

I cannot imagine you leaving home without your favorite - Herbamare!
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

i'd imagine it would be a spice that wasn't as readily available: herbamare.

i enjoy your blog and fb postings. the book would be a nice push toward trying the elimination diet.

take care!


Herbamare? JB

My guess is Fennel (or anise seed).

My guess is also Herbamare, since you love to use it in so many recipes, Alli!

Cayenne Pepper. This is my second try at guessing (entering) because I'm not sure I signed in correctly the first time.

Cayenne Pepper. My husband and I use it for medicinal purposes. Beautiful family!

Herbamare :)

Sue V

Guessing Herbamere.

herbamare, since it's in so many of your recipes. based on how highly reviewed it is, i may buy some myself...kk

Is it one spice or a containerful? Because my guess would have to be Herbamare. Aloha!

cinnamon. cinnamon always masks any "greenness" in smoothies with too much kale!!!

I say ginger since it is great as an anti-emetic among it's other great qualities.

How fitting, since the UPS man dropped off my order of cocoa butter less than ten minutes ago!

I would guess sea salt, if that can be considered a spice. :)

I'm going to guess cinnamon too. Because I'm packing food along for a trip we're taking in a few days, and that's the one spice I'm taking! LOL These clusters look heavenly. I love macadamia nuts.

I'm going to guess Herbamare. Your trip sounds wonderful and what a beautiful family photo!!

Its gotta be garlic--I'd hate to live without it and Hawaii doesn't have the winter season to support growing it!


cayenne pepper?

Herbamare is my guess. Thanks for all your recipes and advice Ali. I haven't replied before. I too have twin boys, they are almost 5. Have a wonderful day.

You all look really healthy and happy in the picture! I would love to visit Hawaii some time! I am going to guess cinnamon as the spice. Wendy P-J

My first thought is turmeric, so I guess that's what I'll go with! Welcome home!

The clusters look amazing! And how wonderful to get to go to Hawaii--one place I've always wished I could visit! :)

My initial guess would have to be cinnamon, but since so many others have already mentioned it, I'll say cumin. Goes well with beans, grains, AND veggies!

Maybe ginger. (S.Brooks)

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