Coconut Banana Ice Cream Bars (dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free)

Ali Segersten Apr 30, 2013 23 comments
Coconut Banana Ice Cream Bars (dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free)

The other morning I slept in and came downstairs to see my oldest daughter, Lily, put a pan of something into the freezer. I asked her what she made and she responded: "frozen coconut banana cream bars." We all enjoyed them as a treat throughout the day. Then later I saw her on the computer (which rarely ever happens) and asked her what she was doing. "Oh, I'm just typing up a recipe for a blog post" she responded. So what you see written below, including all of the photos, is by my 11-year daughter. She's posted to my blog a few times before with her Seaweed Snack Recipe and Sugar-Free Flavored Lemonade

My notes: You can see a photo of what my version of this recipe looks like here on Instagram. It was originally a pie recipe, but Lily has made it into a crust-less bar recipe. If you want a crust you could try the chocolate cookie crust recipe that goes along with this recipe in my book or use a 1/2 batch of this grain-free Banana Coconut Cookie recipe....pressed into the bottom of the pan, baked, and then cooled before adding the filling. 


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Wow…this is cool. Really nice dessert but easy to make, guess I can try out some other fruits with this. First in my mind is durian… :)

Great recipe and so easy...and it's gluten-free! Thanks for sharing.

OMG! I just came up with these myself, great minds think alike. I molded mine into a raw chocolate crust. yum ;-)

What an awesome job, Lily! Thank you! I always have these ingredients on hand so these will be a great treat to make. :-)


This look so delicious! Will have to try...I love coconut.

What is coconut cream/ Is it in the refrigerated section? In a can on a shelf?

Thanks so much for the recipe Lily! These look so refreshing for a hot day! We are going to make these in my Special Needs class, and I'm sure we will enjoy every bite! Thanks again!

How adorable! Definitely will make these soon!

Trader Joe's make s a canned coconut cream (not organic unfortunately), so I'm guessing that can be used instead of coconut milk?
And what do you do with the water that separates from the cream?

Great job, these look so good! Can't wait to try them!

So Lily, when are you going to publish your first book? I'd like an autographed copy, please.

Nice Job Lily-You are a pro!

Nice work!!! Can't wait to try them.

Wow Lily! Even fabulous photos!

Yummy! We just found out my 13 year old is allergic to dairy. (One of those "duh, should have known" moments.)She will LOVE this. She misses ice cream for dessert.

These do look really good! I want to try them.

These look delicious and I can't wait to make these for my family! Great job Lily!

Well done Lily! These look delicious. We will definitely be making these.

I'm looking forward to having these on a hot day in July. Thank you for the recipe. Pinned.

Can you come make these at my house, Lily? :) It's finally warming up here in Wisconsin and these sound like the perfect frozen treat!

These look amazing! Thanks for the recipe!

Banana and coconut is my favorite frozen dessert. I make it with tender coconut and banana and no sweetener used. Your idea of adding some chocolate would work like magic.

Wow! These look awesome :) I can imagine dipping them in chocolate and then they'd be like a klondike bar!

Great recipe, Lily!!! These look SO good :)

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