Gluten-Free Buckwheat Hazelnut Pancakes

Ali Segersten May 07, 2011 39 comments

If you have been following my blog for a while you'll know that I am a big fan of buckwheat. I buy the raw groats and then grind them myself in the dry container of my VitamixRaw Buckwheat Groats are soft and can also be easily ground in a coffee grinder if you don't happen to have a Vitamix. The resulting flour is very mild, creating tender, flavorful pancakes or baked goods. The buckwheat flour you find in the stores is made from roasted buckwheat groats, creating a very strong flavor, which most people don't like. Another thing about raw buckwheat is that it has its own binding power. You'll notice as you mix the batter together it becomes rather "stringy" much like a gluten flour. For this reason, it doesn't require any gums, although pancakes never do.

Buckwheat is not a grain, but rather a seed. It actually has compounds in it that help regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation. Learn more about making your own buckwheat flour here

One of our children's favorite breakfast recipes is the Buckwheat Pancake recipe in my first book, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. A few months ago I began adding Hazelnut Meal to the batter to add extra protein and flavor (for this pregnant mama). I never measure, because if the first pancake doesn't turn out quite right you can easily adjust the batter. I finally nailed down the recipe to share with you, just in time for Mother's Day!


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Alissa Segersten holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University and a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. She is a Functional Nutritionist, the mother of five children, a whole foods cooking instructor, professional recipe developer, and cookbook author. She is passionate about helping others find a diet that will truly nourish them. Alissa is the author of two very popular gluten-free, whole foods cookbooks and guidebooks: The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and Nourishing Meals. She is also the co-author of The Elimination Diet book. Alissa is the founder and owner of Nourishing Meals®.

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I really enjoy reading your blog post about Gluten-Free Buckwheat Hazelnut Pancakes. I think they sound delicious and I love that you show readers how to make their own syrup. I'm glad that you're giving people the chance to try something new!

Thank you for this delicious recipe. I have been making it for a couple of years now and we still love it very much. I just put the buckwheat groats and whole hazelnuts and all the other dry ingredients in a mixer with the liquids and blend it all together really well. Then I add the eggs and just blend briefly. It works wonderful this way. No need to buy hazelnut meal or to grind the buckwheat into flour first. Thank you for all your delicious recipes and books.

Thanks for your recipes! My kids loved these, however you may want to add a note about trying a small amount if your child has never had hazelnuts before. My son ended up having an allergic reaction on Sunday after eating these pancakes. He has never had an allergic reaction before and has been fine with peanuts and almonds After reading it seems that hazelnuts is one of the top nut allergies so this may happen to others as well.

I just came across your website last night and your recipes look wonderful! I made these pancakes this morning and they were a hit. I didn't have hazelnut meal so I used almond flour instead and they turned out beautifully. My husband asked me not to make any other pancakes ever again. :) Thanks!

hi ali! my name is tess and my mom is friends with betsy bettencourt and i am friends with willow bettencourt. we live in cayucos. betsy gave us your cookbook and website. this morning my mom made the buckwheat pancake recipe. it was the best pancakes i have ever had!!!!!!(my mom,eliane, loves your book and website and our family wants to thank u for all your hard work making the delicious recipes!xoxo-the Endersby's)
p.s. my mom has been making a lot of your recipes. they are delicious! my favorite is the cream of cauliflower!

These are simply moist and delicious! My only problem is I only need 1/2 the yield, and am having trouble finding the perfect modifications as I am eliminating the tapioca flour entirely. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

I can't wait to make these with buckwheat and hazelnut meal! I just made them with substitutions, and they are so good. I used quinoa flour in place of the buckwheat flour (and I ran out, so I used a tiny bit of teff flour). I also used blanched almond flour in place of the hazelnut meal. I used chia eggs, Earth Balance buttery spread for the oil, and in place of the 2-3 T maple syrup, I used 2 T water, 1/4 t maple syrup, and 3 drops stevia. They turned out really well. Thanks for this recipe! I look forward to making it with the buckwheat and hazelnut.

Yipee! These are fantastic! Even my gluten loving family enjoyed them and we were all surprised by that. Ali, I can't begin to thank you for all of the wonderful recipes. Your book and blog are definitely top on my list. Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you Kathy, hope the egg-free version turned out ok for you! Glad you are enjoying the raw hazelnut milk recipe! :)

Yes, I believe almond meal would work perfectly. Not blanched almond flour though. :)

Do you think almond flour would work? I don't have hazelnut flour.

These look so tasty. I have made a very similar blueberry syrup - so good! I definitely need to get me some raw buckwheat groats!

Thanks Ali! And congratulations on your pregnancy. I was just about to ask about an egg-free pancake so thanks. I'm going to head to Terra Organica for some Hazelnut flour and to raw buckwheat groats.

Sure love making the hazelnut milk for a smoothie mixed with blueberries.

I've referred so many friends to your website and am having a blast trying so many of your recipes from the elimination plan.
Thank you!

Thanks, Ali!

LauraBro - Yes we do have an extensive guide for introducing solids in the appendix of our book, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. Starting with fresh, in season, fruits and vegetables is the best way to go. They are the easiest to digest. You can even add a little raw sauerkraut juice to the food which will aid in digestion and add beneficial bacteria. :)

Hey Ali! my daughter is getting a little older and i really want to follow a guide in introducing her solids (didn't work out so well with my last daughters) she was reacting to everything at 9 months (I was still breastfeeding)--I SWEAR I saw a guide of yours somewhere but can't find anything in your cookbook here on online---any suggestions? is there a guide you follow by age? my LO is 6months--I want to wait longer for solids but want to get organized before the time comes. Thanks for any help! also how do we find you on facebook--someone mentioned it in the comments.

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far, glad you are enjoying them!!

Stephanie - Yes, you want to use hulled buckwheat, just make sure they are raw. :)

Hi again,
Are hulled buckwheat groats the same thing as raw? I am guessing not. If not, do you think the hulled ones would work in this recipe?
The peachy millet muffins in your book were SO good. My daughter used Raw Coconut Crystals for the sugar and yet they were still nice and sweet. Thanks!!

I just made these for my kids, and they are fan-flippin-tastic!! Thanks for another awesome recipe. :)

What a nice wholesome gluten free pancake. They look so tender. I'm glad you mention store bought ground buckwheat would yield different results as that's probably what I would do.

These sound yummy, our favourite crepe pancakes are buckwheat and oat but I might try experimenting with nut meal as well. Thank you.

Thanks Stephanie and Hallie! I am due with baby #5 towards the end of the summer.

Anon - What kind of buckwheat flour did you use? I explained in the post that I only use buckwheat flour ground from the raw groats. If you used store-bought buckwheat flour (made from the roasted groats) then your pancakes would turn out very dark and muddy looking and not as light and fluffy.

we just made these this morning and the buckwheat flour made them look like mudcakes. I love the taste of the hazelnuts though but we may have made a big recipe error cause they were not wonderful.

Happy Mother's Day, Ali! These look amazing...your photos always make me crave healthy food. :)

These look wonderful! I just got your book last week, (after coming across your blog a couple of weeks ago) and it is the first book I have ever found that is gluten-free and healthy. Thank you! I am a celiac and two of our five children have signifcant food sensitivities. My meal plan for this week if from your book. I can't wait to try all the yummy looking things I have planned! ;0)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! When are you due? How very exciting!!

Jennifer, that is such a great idea to make these pancakes into a layered cake! I bet it will be beautiful! Have a wonderful day! :)

Thanks Gals! Yes, one flax or chia egg is equal to 1 Tbls ground seed to 3 Tbls hot water whisked together. If you have a Vita-Mix but not the dry container you can actually still use the wet container, just grind a smaller amount at a time, like 1 cup or so. This works for buckwheat because it is soft but not as well for other grains.

We are on day 41 and I am so looking forward to trying these after day 52 of our Elimination Diet! They look delicious!! :)

Hi Ali! It's super later here and I have just whipped up a bunch of these pancakes for pancake cakes tomorrow. They are so yummy and amazing. One perk is that they cook fast and flip easily--hooray! I did some minor substitutions using one duck egg and one "flax egg." It worked out beautifully (as far as I can tell!).

We're going to layer them with fruit and a date/almond mix and maybe some cashew cream and coconut cream. Then we'll decorate. Time to go write up some last minute invitations (invitations were pending on whether or not I could whip up lots and lots of pancakes between 8 pm and falling over :-).

Happy Mother's Day to you! Thanks for all that you share with us :-)

These looks amazing. I am going to have to look into getting that attachment for my Vitamiz so I can make my own flours :-)

These look and sound beautiful! I need to get some hazelnut meal so I can try it in my baking. I loved learning about buckwheat groats - thanks Ali! And congrats on your pregnancy. Another baby will be so much fun for all of you :)

I love your blog!! When you say flax or chia seed egg, do you mean add 1 tbsp ground seeds to 3 tbsps boiling water? Thank and I can't wait to try these!!


I'm a big fan of hazelnut meal, but have never tried it in pancake form. Sounds like a "keeper." Might have to add that to tomorrow's brunch menu. Gorgeous photos (as always)! BTW, love the tulip day photos on Facebook. Very cute!
Happy Mother's Day!

Beautiful photos, Ali! What mom wouldn't apreciate those pancakes for Mother's Day or any day? I really want to try the hazelnut flour, too. Very interesting on the binding/string properties of buckwheat flour made at home.

Hope you have an amazing Mother's Day, dear!


Thanks Staci, your comment came through as I was just typing my response. Thanks Julie, glad you are enjoying the first recipe!

Enjoy this one, it is delicious! :)

Cathy - Yes you can substitute 2 flax eggs or chia seed eggs for the 2 large eggs. You might need to add a little extra baking powder and decrease the liquid by 1/2 cup (then you can add more milk if needed).

I have other pancakes recipes that I have developed to be egg-free. It seems to work better to create an egg-free pancake recipe than to substitute ingredients. Though many people find the flax/chia eggs work quite well.

I was just coming to ask if it could be made without eggs too! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Babies are always such a blessing! I can't wait to get some buckwheat groats for my kiddos to try!

Can this be made without the eggs?

We've been cooking the buckwheat pancake recipe from your cookbook for the last year. My kids *love* that recipe. So funny you just posted this recipe! I just bought my first bag of hazelnut flour the other day and was trying to figure out how to use it. Can't wait to try these out!!!!

thank you for all of your awesome recipes! ~Julie

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