Soft Molasses Cookies (gluten-free + egg-free + vegan)

Ali Segersten Dec 07, 2009

Welcome to Christmas Cookie season! Today I am sharing my recipe for gluten-free and egg-free soft molasses cookies. These cookies are delicious and so easy to make, I am sure you will enjoy them. Although I normally use Sucanat to sweeten them (unrefined dried cane juice), I have also tried making them using coconut sugar. I brought a batch, made with coconut sugar, to our large Thanksgiving gathering this year and they were a hit with the children! I have a 2-pound bag of coconut sugar I am giving away today, so be sure to leave a comment to enter!

The trick to making perfect molasses cookies is to CHILL the dough for at least an hour or more! If you are hasty and don't wait for the dough to chill completely, the fat will spread quickly while baking before the other ingredients have a chance to set up. This leads to very flat, thin cookies. The dough can actually be chilled for days before baking. I store mine in a large, tightly covered glass container. I don't use plastic wrap if I don't have too.


Ali Segersten

Alissa Segersten holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University and a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. She is a Functional Nutritionist, the mother of five children, a whole foods cooking instructor, professional recipe developer, and cookbook author. She is passionate about helping others find a diet that will truly nourish them. Alissa is the author of two very popular gluten-free, whole foods cookbooks and guidebooks: The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and Nourishing Meals. She is also the co-author of The Elimination Diet book.

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Oh yum! Those look just up my alley. I've never tried coconut sugar before, but it sounds divine!

Coconut Sugar is great.....and I love Molasses Cookies....and who could think of something better on a Vermont Snowy Day than Soft Molasses Cookies with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate......YUM!!! Can't wait for the coconut sugar .....

My daughter is the baker in the family and I would love for her to start using coconut sugar. These cookies look wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

We just commmitted to vegan and I was stressed about a gluten-free vegan diet. I got home last night and my husband had made the monster cookies and I knew "all will be well". I can't wait to make the molasses cookies. Having just audited a bakery using coconut flour - I am excited to bake with coconut sugar - thank you for the great idea.

I've been looking for a gluten free molasses cookie recipe! This is my first gluten-free holiday season, and it's been hard finding recipes for some of my favorite cookies. These gluten-free progressive dinner parties are such a great idea.

Those look SO soft and chewy..yum!


These look delicious! I'm entertaining my 3 young nieces and nephew with cookie baking this Friday. We will definitely be baking these!

wow, perfect timing. I was just thinking yesterday that I want to make some (soft)ginger cookies and when I check your blog this morning there it was..yippee.
I will be making these this week for sure they look so good.

Being a Dietitian I love to see healthy alternatives to the wonderful world of desserts! Being allergic to wheat, dairy and Candida I love to see my favorite cookie recipe in a way I can actually eat it! Thank You!

I am always looking to eliminate refined sugar! This recipe is perfect for a family that is gluten, dairy and refined sugar free! Thank you for posting my favorite cookie! YUM

Mmm...I haven't had a molasses cookie in I don't know how long! When my sister and brother-in-law come home for Christmas this year, I may give these a try. They sound delicious.

coconut sugar? I really want to try that in cookies!

Ali, I'm looking forward to making these tonight! I too remember molasses cookies from my childhood - my grandmother's store bought though. These will put them to shame, I'm sure (and will be so much more nutritious to boot!).
Loved your class on Nov. 10th - "Wholesome GF Baking." Have been baking up a storm and shown several non-dietarily-restricted members of my family that gf/cf/ef baking can be utterly delicious. Am looking forward to when you post the recipes for the nut-cheese and etc. pizza recipes you spoke of that night.
Thank you so much for all of the fantastic recipes you share so generously!
The other Alli,
Allison Dennis

I didn't even know there was such a thing as coconut sugar! I would love to win this. Great job for the Progressive Dinner Party!

I needed a holiday cookie and THIS IS IT! I am so excited to get baking now. Thanks Ali!

These cookies hit the spot on a chilly day! After the kids came in from playing out in the cold they devoured a few of them with some warm milk. Yum...
I made them with brown sugar, but would love to try coconut sugar -- haven't been able to get it around town.

I just made your spiced chicken and rice stew for a party of 35 people (I quadrupled the recipe and used a HUGE pot!), and people loved it! Thanks for sharing your recipes! -Jennifer D.

I love coconut. I love sugar. I love molasses. I love cookies!!

I've never heard of coconut sugar! How fun to learn of yet another new healthful sweetener. I will try these this evening; this cold weather has had me stirring to fill the home with the scent of spicy baked goodies. I'm eager for the chewy gf ginger cookie experience. Thank you!

mmm... these look so yummy. perfect for a blustery evening.

Yum! My kidos and hubby would LOVE these! Coconut sugar...never tried it. I typically use sucanat, honey, agave or stevia. Would love to give it a go. Thanks for the chance!

YEAH! YEAH! THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!! Molasses Crinkles are my traditional Christmas cookie....and since we have become GF i have not made them for 2 years. I can't wait to try this, and am eager to tell my kids!!

Can't wait to try them...would love to win the sugar too!

these look awesome, and I'm sure my kids (11,9,4) would LOVE them! I have not tried the coconut sugar yet, so what a great giveaway :)

I, too, made a few of your recipes for Thanksgiving and all had rave reviews. Thanks for sharing them. I appreciate it!!

I've wanted to make my traditional Gingersnap cookies for the holidays--but can't because of gluten issues. These are the perfect substitution!

I was very excited to see this recipe today. In the store, I was eyeing some organic ginger molasses cookies, thinking I should go home and find a recipe. And here it was waiting in my inbox! Thank you :)

Yum ~ Anxious to try these. I've never been disappointed with an Ali recipe! I am also interested in finding a good sugar-cookie / gingerbread-cookie roll-out cut-out gluten-free recipe for the holdiays. Have you had any luck with those?

I am fairly new to your blog and LOVE it! I've been trying several of your recipes throughout the Fall season and for Thanksgiving I used 4 of your recipes and my family was overjoyed with how delish they were! First I made the Sugar- Free Cranberry Sauce, then the Chocolate Almond Cranberry Tart, the Maple Roasted Yams with Pecans and Dried Cranberries, and the Pear Pomegranate Salad with Orange Vinaigrette. We enjoyed every recipe very much! Keep all the creative ideas coming - it makes this gluten-free diet so much more bearable and really we find we're not missing anything! I'm looking forward to trying the Soft Molasses Cookies as soon as possible! So pleased, Kelly from Colorado

These look fantastic!! And it is always such a joy to find recipes that are both vegan and gf- no substitutions necessary, love it!

wow, what a treat! those look wonderful. I just posted on coconut sugar this weekend.

These cookies look fantastic! I've been dying to try the coconut sugar.

I'm curious about coconut sugar, and how it differs from other sweetners in terms of carbohydrate content and overall insulin impact... any thoughts? Thanks for the continued beautiful recipes and easy to follow instructions, Ali!

These sound great! I'll have to make them soon. Thank you!

I love coconut sugar! I ran out recently and haven't been able to purchase more, would love to win your giveaway so I can make my 4yr old these amazing cookies!
Thanks for the great recipes

These cookies look just like the gluten filled ones that my mom makes every christmas....i will definitely be giving these a try in order to reclaim that very nostalgic holiday flavour.

So very pretty =D. Such wonderful flavours you've got there!

Yummy! I have just enough coconut sugar in the pantry to make these tonight!

Wow these look amazing! I love molasses cookies and I have been looking for a good recipe. I have never used coconut sugar either and would love to try it!
thanks for all your yummy ideas! I have been making a lot of your recipes lately.

My husband would love these. I can't wait to give them a try. I'll have to find that Coconut sugar unless I'm the lucky winner. I've actually started baking and I'm getting there. Still don't like measuring but I like to eat the results. Great start to the Gluten Free Dessert Progressive Dinner Party!

I've had molasses cookies on my mind lately, here you come with a wonderful recipe! Hooray! I'm loving your recipes, have been making them regularly for weeks now. This has become my favorite food blog! (And I'm not just saying that because I want to win the coconut sugar ;)

Oh, these look wonderful. I am adding them to my 'Baking to-do list' for this coming weekend, unless I just can't wait and bake them before....

oh those cookies look soo good. i'm dying to start baking for the holidays! and using granulated coconut sugar would definitely help. i've been using the kind in blocks and it takes FOREVER to shave it into a powder in order to measure.

Shared the link on Facebook!
Oh, and we've been enjoying the Christmas Spice Cookies here. My 4 year old loves cutting them out.

Thank you for sharing your recipe! I am new to this, and am looking forward to trying this recipe.

These look wonderful!!!!!! Can't wait to try them.

Exactly what I've been searching for! Thanks, Ali it's like you read my mind.I just need to pick up the molasses.
Thanks Ali for giving such wonderful recipes and you cookbook it continues to keep me inspired.

These look SO GOOD! I used to have a problem with using molasses because of the smell and taste but I think these will turn out quite great. Thanks for explaining why they have to chill, I never knew and never did it!

Yum!! This sounds awesome! Also going to retweet!

I tweeted for a second entry.

I have never tried coconut sugar before but I'd love to! These look delish.

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