Dairy-Free Nacho Cheese Sauce

Ali Segersten Apr 16, 2010 193 comments

I am really excited to share with you today an amazing Dairy-Free Cookbook and Guidebook, Go Dairy Free, by Alisa Fleming! The fantastic nacho sauce recipe below comes from this book. I am also giving away a copy of the book, which will be sent to you directly from the author. Details at the bottom of the post.

This book is perfect for those of you looking for natural alternatives to your favorite dairy products, such as cheese, ice cream, milk, sour cream, and more. Go Dairy Free contains different recipes for each of those foods plus simple substitution ideas for practically all dairy products imaginable. From "Dairy-Free Fetta-ish to "Sunflower Seed Cheese to "Cashew Yogurt" to "Whipped Coconut Buttery Spread" to "Cashew Chai Frosting" this book has it all!

The book is about half recipes and half information on dairy. It starts out with "What is Dairy?" then moves into pasteurization and homogenization and the potential risks of these practices, and then on to evidence-based connections with dairy consumption and health issues which range from acne to cancer. Finally, if you are asking the question: "Where am I to get my calcium?" Alisa delves into non-dairy calcium-rich foods and other surprising secrets to strong bones. There are also chapters dedicated to dairy addiction, infants and food allergies, dining out, and reading food labels.


Go Dairy Free is a wonderful cookbook with so many great recipes. Most of the baking recipes contain gluten but the cheese alternatives are all gluten-free. I made macaroni and cheese today using the Orange Cheesy Sauce recipe from the book and Tinkyada rice noodles. My kids devoured it! Glad I got a photo before it was all gone!

The Five-Minute Nachos were equally delicious though my kids were not as fond of them. They did eat some though. Nachos are a funny thing for me because I have had them maybe only a handful of times during the course of my life. I just wasn't raised on highly processed foods. I was so happy to find this recipe in Alisa's book because it is made from healthy ingredients, all of which I had on hand. Well, except for roasted red bell peppers. I did have a few fresh ones in the fridge I so quickly roasted one in the oven. This ingredient is key! I initially made the sauce without it and it was so awful I had to compost it. Then I remade the sauce, added my freshly roasted pepper (after removing the skin), and voila - absolutely amazing dairy-free cheese sauce! Seriously, this sauce is addicting in a good way. My advice: follow her recipes exactly!


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Alissa Segersten holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University and a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. She is a Functional Nutritionist, the mother of five children, a whole foods cooking instructor, professional recipe developer, and cookbook author. She is passionate about helping others find a diet that will truly nourish them. Alissa is the author of two very popular gluten-free, whole foods cookbooks and guidebooks: The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and Nourishing Meals. She is also the co-author of The Elimination Diet book. Alissa is the founder and owner of Nourishing Meals®.

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I've had to become dairy free in the last year. All my sisters are dairy free as well and we just mostly didn't fix recipes that called for cheese or milk products in a recipe. I looked up the book online and loved the pictures, and the great ideas you have for cooking dairy free. I have cooked gluten free for 25 years, but dairy free is much more challenging. I am looking forward to trying the Nacho cheese recipe.

Thank you very much for so many wholesome gluten and dairy free recipes.

We are just now trying to go gluten and dairy free in our house and I love your blog. My kids will be thrilled if I can recreate Mac n Cheese for them. Thanks for the great resource. And all your beautiful recipes.

I am a gf vegan and it would be so great to win have a cookbook which would give alternatives to dairy and dairy products...thank you for this!! Love your blog!

My family and I are just beginning the process of becoming dairy free... this would be an amazing help, as it's so hard to know where to even start! Thanks!

I am dairy free (along with gluten free)and have a weakness for any new cookbook that comes along, offering amazing, and creative new recipes! (That would include yours, by the way!) So thanks for the tip - can't wait to try the nachos. KTK

I would love a book like this because I am just starting to eliminate dairy from my diet.


I posted on Facebook too!

looks amazing--if you say it's good I'll try it--I've tried a lot of not good dairy free recipes ;)

I would love to win a book! pick me ;) Laura T

what an awesome recipe - and the best part is that i already have all the ingredients! the mac & cheese looks great too!

This looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing! Betsy W.

Oh the joy of finding ways to make SAD foods heathly yet edible! We love nachos at our house, and I have just avoided the cheese and sour cream - can't wait to try this. We make yummy gluten free - dairy free pizza...we don't even use a cheese substitute. Nobody misses it - until they see a Papa John's commercial.

I have been dairy free for about 4 months now and have spent countless hours reading recipes. This site is fantastic for those of us following a candida diet, it is a lifesaver! I would love a copy of this book but am grateful that you posted the links to such a neat bunch of recipes! Please keep up the great postings and know all of your hard work if definitely appreciated : )

quietgal kk

Wow, this is what my son misses most on his dairy free diet - cheese! Thanks for the recipe!

Shared this on facebook :)

Shared this on my FB.

My kids will be thrilled if I made mac and cheese again. My son is allergic to dairy and gluten so we have not had much for comfort foods in the past year. I would LOVE to win this cookbook to provide my children with some great dairy free recipes :)

I am so excited about this Dairy-Free Nacho Cheese Sauce! In addition to being gluten intolerant, I am also lactose intolerant. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture and reading the recipe

Posted on my FB!

i'm running a half marathon this weekend and this nacho delight will be a great post-race treat!
thx for sharing!
nm- regina

This book sounds like an excellent resource. The nachos and mac & cheese look delicious!

My DD and me have been dairy free for a while now and would love to learn new dairy free recipes! The book sounds fabulous!

I'd love to win! Thanks for holding this giveaway!

- Kay from Toronto

I'm still trying to work through my elimination diet process and the desire for CHEESE is giving me the most trouble! When I am hungry and tired, I reach for 'just a bite' of cheese and then I've got to start over.
This morning I am paying for my late night cheese nibble. I've been on a search for cookbooks and it is difficult to find books that are both gluten and dairy free. Thank you for sharing this recipe and for all the other fantastic recipes from Whole Life Nutrition - I recommend your blog and recipes to everyone who shares their food allergy journey. Thanks! Kathy/ Everett

Yum! This sounds really good. I love any recipe that has roasted red peppers. I think that is one of the best flavors there is. I can't wait to try this one out.

-Helen H.

I have been following your blog for a while, but this is my first post. I'm excited to have the opportunity to win the book because I had never tried any dairy free recipes before coming to your site. My favorite so far is the use of cashews as cream in soups. Yummy!

I would love to win this book! My kids sure do miss cheese but I know we can make it work with dairy alternatives =)

I've been on the elimination diet for 6 weeks now and have been using recipes from your blog and cookbook daily. I am so grateful to have your generous offering of recipes, ideas, and education to support my journey.

What I would give for a bowl of mac n' cheese - my favorite comfort food! Just seeing your picture makes me want to dive in. Thanks for sharing the news of this great new cookbook. Happy day!

I've been dairy free for 7 years now and the health improvements that resulted have changed my life. My friends and family feel that giving up dairy causes a person to 'miss out' too much on the joys of eating, so I'd love to have more recipes to share with them to show that there are many healthy alternatives that are just as tasty! Perhaps that way they might consider making a switch to a healthier lifestyle. So excited about this book and all it has to offer!


I shared this on my Facebook! Thank you!

I tweeted about this @ProjectGreenMom

Is nutritional yeast gluten free? I can't get any that is.

I'm having to go Dairy free with my food allergy diet... even soy and goat too... I miss cheese. A LOT! I don't think I would eat it anymore like in hunks, like I did prior...however having an option(s) to make allergy free cheese ideas would be great. I follow you on FaceBook and check out our blogs daily. You guys are amazing...You are a great read when your feeling overwhelmed and unsure to go on. You make me want to!
Thanks Stephanie
Kamloops BC

I'd love to get a chance to win this book. I'm finishing up my first week of the Elimination Diet with my nutritionist and we're thinking Dairy might be one of my allergens. All of this allergy food awareness I've had recently is totally eye opening and trying at times. TX for the chance!

Looks and sounds so yummy! I am always looking for new recipes / cookbooks - thanks for sharing!

Nachos.... I think I've forgotten what they taste like. This would be a fun cookbook to have and sounds absolutely delicious!!

I have been dairy free since December 2009 upon completing my chemo therapy for lymphoma. I grew up on dairy and for 27 years I knew nothing else, but the more I endured treatment I began to listen to my body and understand the unpleasant effects that dairy had on me.

Now completely in remission and dairy free I am experimenting with recipes daily. I would love to win the book! Thanks for giving us the opportunity and for your wonderful blog and recipes. I read it daily :-)

YUUUUUM! I have had my eye on this cookbook & would love to own it! Cheers, Kelly

Tweeting about it now =)

I meant to say, "meat and dairy free recipes that are delicious, too, so that I don't have to hear him complain!"

Jen in Florida

This looks wonderful! I'm Russian Orthodox, and we fast for half of the calendar year with a vegan diet. My husband is not Orthodox and he always groans when fasting time comes around. I'm always looking for meat and dairy-free receipes so that I don't have to hear him complain. :-)

Jen in Florida

We've been dairy free for a long time, but it'd be nice to get some new ideas how to make creamy foods sans cream and milk. I am also interested in her ideas about how to get more calcium from our diets since that's one thing I think about often on our extended breastfeeding journey--am I getting enough calcium? Is D. getting enough calcium?

Thanks for the great recipes--we have some white beans on the stove right now to make the lovely white bean dip!

From OnlyByHisGrace at 12:21am 4/16:

I went and shared about this post on facebook. :) Thanks for the chance at winning this great cookbook!

From OnlyByHisGrace at 12:17am 4/16:

Thanks for sharing the delicious sounding recipe...and the mac cheese looks delish too!

From Arielle at 12:13am 4/16:

I love new fake-cheese recipes! Your list had be almost drooling :)

Eeek! I accidentally just deleted 3 comments that came in late last night. I am going to add them in myself. Copied from my email inbox - so sorry about that.

I'm dairy free and I love it! I love your blog, your cookbook... Thank you for all that you do!

I am amazed at the delightful ways in witch cashews can be coaxed into creating a reasonable likeness of some of my favorite foods! Just a couple of weeks ago a friend gave me a recipe for caramel .... now nacho cheese! I cannot wait to give this a try!

And specializing in abdominal massage, I see many clients who are working on eliminating much out of their diets. Knowing what a struggle it can be, I am all to happy to refer them to your blog as well as your cookbook.

Thank you!

I'm having a taco night with friends tomorrow. I'm hoping to make this for them. Thanks for the recipe and thanks for entering me into the drawing!! LOVE YOUR BLOG. Keep up the great work. kaechds in Bellingham

I totally love this site....so glad that I have found you cause it is hard with gluten allergies, dairy allergies, and eliminating refined sugars from diet to eat period....and you guys have wonderful recipes. thanks so much and look forward to more!

I love nachos and have not been able to enjoy them since I found I have a dairy intolerance. I would love the book! E.C.

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