Gluten-Free Bread (xanthan-free, vegan)

Ali Segersten Apr 15, 2011 181 comments

Today I have a very unique recipe to share. A gluten-free bread recipe that needs to be kneaded! It is made of whole grain flours and is also free of xanthan gum, starches, nuts, eggs, and dairy. Last August I began creating kneadable dinner rolls and braided bread free of the above mentioned ingredients. But something was missing. You see, I grew up making whole wheat bread from scratch with my mother. When I was two years old I was at the counter kneading bread. In high school I would bake my own bread for sandwiches. I have missed the feel of bread dough.

A few months ago I decided to try adding psyllium husk to my bread to see what would happen....and wow....gluten-free bread that really kneads! I was already using ground chia seeds, which help to hold moisture and bind everything together. But the combination of psyllium husk and ground chia works wonders! Psyllium is a fiber that is used in colon cleansing. It also works wonders on lowering cholesterol levels. It can be found on or at your local health food store. Be sure to look for "whole psyllium husk." Whole chia seeds can be found at your local health food store and online. See the tip at the bottom of the recipe for grinding them.

If you try this bread, I would love your feedback in a comment below. Or, share your photos on Instagram and tag me @nourishingmeals! I have many more kneadable gluten-free, xanthan-free, vegan bread recipes in my book, Nourishing Meals. Some examples include Buckwheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Everyday Sandwich Bread, and Sourdough Teff Bread! Enjoy!

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Alissa Segersten holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University and a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. She is a Functional Nutritionist, the mother of five children, a whole foods cooking instructor, professional recipe developer, and cookbook author. She is passionate about helping others find a diet that will truly nourish them. Alissa is the author of two very popular gluten-free, whole foods cookbooks and guidebooks: The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and Nourishing Meals. She is also the co-author of The Elimination Diet book. Alissa is the founder and owner of Nourishing Meals®.

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I have made this bread SO many times. It started in early covid when I couldn't get to the store to buy this one gluten free bread I liked. I've made it a few times a month for years now, pretty much as the recipe says except that I use bread pans, and continue to love it! Thank you for such a fantastic recipe.
Do you happen to know the protein content of it?? Pretty low I imagine. No matter, I love it anyway!

I’ve made this bread at least 100 times over the years. Today I did it a bit differently with amazing results and I’m not sure which change made the most difference. I mixed with kitchenaid mixer with bread hook instead of a wooden spoon (much less mess). I proofed in the oven on proof setting 45 min to instead of hour in warm place. Seems like it rose more. A second proof 15 min in bread pans (sometimes I do loaves instead of rounds). Last change was cooking in the lower grill chamber of the smoker, really just an oven at that point but no heating up the house. Best bread, much less dense this time.

Dear Alissa,
Today I started to make my third agar-agar-aided (AAA) g-f bread. While getting going I decided to see how other folks handle 'the same' problem (using a substitute for gluten). That's how I ran into your website (here). Reading your approach of using psyllium husks to make gluten-free cohesive bread was eye-opening, and while I will finish my current AAA-gf bread as intended, after Thanks-Giving has passed I'll definitely get a pack of psyllium husks with NO additives to find out whether it works as grand as it sounds, it has that ring.
Btw, this is indeed one of those "I am asking for a friend". Though I have occasionally baked g-f breads for friends, for myself I have over the years been baking 'no-knead' breads, most often whole-wheat. It's about time to do something for the gluten-free clan since in general g-f bread sold in stores is way below par. Something's gotta give.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for sharing! I have not used agar in bread, but now I may experiment! I have been using psyllium for the last 12 years or so in GF bread and I love the results. I have quite a few newer gluten-free bread recipes in the membership section on this site that you may like. :)

Can you freeze this bread/does it freeze well?

Hi there, yes you can freeze slices of this bread in between parchment paper in a freezer bag. :)

I know psyllium husk is a "magic" ingredient in this recipe, but is there a substitution that could work. I'm sensitive to psyllium husk (makes me itch). Could something else be used in place of it, especially in quick breads?

I don't have a substitute for psyllium right now in my recipes. Recipes using xanthan gum as a binder instead of psyllium may work better for you?

Ali I made this gluten free bread by omitting the Psyllium husk & in its place used the same quality of chia seeds . The bread was not edible it was too sour & bitter. Kindly tell me what went wrong . Thanks

I made this Gluten free bread yesterday by omitting Psyllium & used same amount of chia seeds in place of Psyllium.The bread turned out very sour & a bit bitter. I can’t understand what went wrong. Can you reply. Thanks

Can you bake this in a Dutch oven like Le Cruset? If so, is the cooking time the same? Thanks.

Hi there, I was planning on making this and bought all the ingredients except the chia seeds because my daughter is allergic to them. I was planning on subbing flax seeds but was just reading in the comments that the bread will be too moist. Can you recommended a substitute for the chia seeds? I spent so much money on all the supplies so hoping there is something out there I can use instead! Thanks!

I have not tried this recipe, but I have made a number of other recipes that use psylium/chia. Yesterday I tried the sourdough recipe from the Nourishing Meals book. Unbelievable! so wonderful. never thought I could make it. I have been pondering it for several years (since buying the book) and finally, made the starter, and then the bread this week. Really delicious and I feel quite accomplished. Thanks for your very clear recipes! I look forward to more experimentation. Do you have a sour dough pancake recipe?

Thank you so much for a real bread recipe! I made my second loaf today - the first one was so delicious! I've been hoping I'd be able to bake my own g-f bread for a long time and just have not found a decent recipe. I've been very disappointed, going without bread because I want healthy bread, not the commercial g-f bread out there. You have a fantastic recipe here. Definitely fills that hole in my life. Thank you so much, Ali! ♥

I think I must be at the after-party!
I made this bread today using 1/4 cup psyllium husk powder. I mixed it in the food processor and finished the kneading by hand.
Everything else I did according to the recipe.
The resulting loaf is absolutely delicious and beautiful.

I'm late to the party and had just baked it!!! It looked a little burnt in the outside but when I cut owned after it cooled, HOLY MOLY!! It was soft and delicious!!!

Some adjustments I made:
1. I used psyllium husk powder as it was what I have. To prevent it from clumping, I whisk it into the dry ingredients with the chia seed meal. It turned out fine.
2. I used millet flour in place of teff flour, buckwheat flour in place of cornmeal and finest white rice flour in place of sweet rice flour.
3. To Ensure that I don't add Tok much flour when kneading, I measured 3/4 cup of rice flour and put it in a separate bowl and used it to flour the surfaces. That way, I won't used too much of it.
3. I did not do a second rise. The bread looks a little gummy at the bottom but I think it's ok. It probably can be done away with by some kneading and a second rise.
4. I use only 1/2 tsp yeast and let the bread rise slowly. It took about 1.5h to become 1.5times its size.
5. I baked it in a non-stick aluminium tray.

Hope others find this comment useful. :)

Yes that website was bought by some company and I lost the blog. Let me think... those recipes were a long time ago! I think would actually recommend using Ali's recently posted bagel recipe (, which is along the lines of whatever I was doing back then to make a boule: light flours and starches. Perhaps lessen the amount of flax in that bagel recipe by half and replace with a little extra of one of the light flours. Kneadable GF breads with psyllium really are easy to substitute and play around with so you should feel brave in experimenting.

This bread recipe is indeed Great and very delicious.
Thank you Ali!

Sunita.. I would love to try the combo recipe you tried but cannot access your web site! I think it is no longer available.

Appreciate if u can respond. Thank you!

I followed your recipe save for the following substitutions:
1. 1/4 cup light buckwheat flour + 1/4 cup oat flour for the 1/2 cup rice flour.
2. dark honey for maple syrup
3. almond oil for olive oil

I may have made the mistake of handling the dough excessively after the first rise, as my crumb was quite dense. However, the loaf turned out better than I expected for a first pass at a new recipe. My gluten-intolerant partner was thrilled with the opportunity to eat a gluten-free bread that actually tasted like bread. The flavors were complex without being overpowering. I nice earthy, nutty flavor with a bit of sweetness. I am making two more loaves this weekend! Great recipe.

Hi, this looks delicious, just a quick questions will I be able to substitute the rice flour with more teff or sorghum or conrmeal, which do you recommend as I am allergic to rice?

I’ve made this bread three times now for family and friends who are gluten free. Today I’m making a loaf for myself because the look and smell is amazing and I can’t wait to try it. Everyone has said they like it. I’m new at baking bread, although it has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager. However, I refused to bake with white flour and I had no access to recipes for whole wheat bread (and then no time to learn). I love baking breads. Now that I’m learning how to prep for this recipe, I am really enjoying baking it. The dough is very easy to work with. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I share the recipe (and your website) with everyone I know who needs to eat gluten free so they can have some HEALTHY bread.

I have been making this bread for the last year and it is absolutely amazing! I also recently tried an experiment with sourdough and the rising process is even better now!

Hiya can I make this bread without yeast?

Hi, I was wondering the same about omitting the yeast, did you try it out?

you can try amaranth flour,instead.

I love the original but tonight tried it with potato flour and potato starch (50/50) instead of teff. The rest was the same. After punching it down I split it in two, flattened each half into a disc and spread on one butter, jalepeno and cheddar; on the other butter, garlic, dill, basil and cheddar; then rolled them up. Baked just as long and high. Temped at 210 when done but really dense and moist inside. I will mess with the flour mix a little - maybe more starch, less flour. Pretty darn happy with the results though!

I have recently gone gluten free and was really frustrated with the lack of good quality gluten free bread available at the grocery store. Then I made this bread. I made it exactly as the recipe was written with the exception of switching in dried rosemary for the poppy sesame topping. It smelled heavenly while baking and tastes amazing with a gorgeous chewy crust and it slices well with no crumbling. Try it sliced thin and toasted and you won't be disappointed. I am so happy I found this recipe. This bread will be a staple at my house.

I am trying to do the same thing. Do you think you can make flour out of the whole teff using just a regular blender? Also, where did you find organic sweet rice flour? I can't find it anywhere either.

I want to use this to make gluten free stuffing for Thanksgiving but I also want to make it organic. I can't find organic teff flour or organic sweet rice flour anywhere. Are there any substitutions I can make in place of those flours?

Wow ! So lovely and your recipes look quite delicious !!

Wow! I screwed this up and it was still the best gluten free bread I have ever made! It tastes like whole wheat bread and actually has a real crust (not a leathery exterior as most store-bought GF breads have). The interior is soft, without the weird, crumbly, starchy interior that other GF breads have. I love that it has a minimum amount of white flour. It kneads wonderfully and can easily be shaped! The mistake I made? Forgot to turn on my oven. When I put the bread in, the pizza stone was not heated completely. The top of the bread cooked and the base lagged behind. I covered the top in foil and cooked it until the base was firm. It still turned out very good! The middle and base were a little gummy, but a run through the toaster took care of that! I sliced the entire loaf and put it in the freezer. I can take out one slice at a time and toss it directly in the toaster. Comes out beautifully and makes a fantastic sandwich. Did I mention the crust? It is crunchy. Authentically crunchy. I can't wait to play around with different flours and different loaf shapes. I'm dreaming of a "whole grain" baguette style loaf. Sigh. . .might I actually be able to enjoy Brie on bread again? I think so.

I just wanted to say that this is my go to bread recipe now! I have also used it to make hamburger buns and PIZZA CRUST! Absolutely wonderful!

I've made this nut and flax seed bread and it's so tasty. Hope you can have almonds.

1 cup almond meal
1 cup flax meal
3 tablespoons psyllium husk
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs
2 tablespoons coconut oil or butter
3/4 cup lukewarm water
2 teaspoons poppyseeds
2 teaspoons sesame seeds

Mix dry ingredients
Whisk eggs and mix into dry ingredients
Let oil/butter warm into water and pour this into dough
Mix through and let dough rest for 2 minutes
Scoop into a greased small bread pan
Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F for 45 to 50 minutes

What other flour I can substitute for cornmeal in this recipe? I can't have cornmeal or almond meal.


PLEASE Share your recipe for this combo. I am a huge fan of that Artisan No-Knead Bread. Every time I make it, I am amazed that such a beautiful professional loaf came out of my oven! My husband is gluten free and I would love to make this Farmhouse Bread with your method.I bet the long rise makes for lots of flavor, too.

I made this bread today. It is absolutely delicious. However, it did take a bit of effort to make and it is not inexpensive to make. I am a celiac and having a bread that is nutritious and delicious is wonderful.

I just made this bread and it is delicious! I have really missed the hearty brown bread I ate before I had to start eating gluten free. I made the bread from the recipe exactly as published (except I baked it for 50 minutes) and it is perfect! I have never cared for white bread. You have made me very happy with this amazing recipe! Thank you so much!

Great, great recipe. I have been making this bread for months and we love it. I found that I can substitute almost any flour to change the taste once in a while. I made a version with 1 cup cornmeal, 1 cup rice flour and 1 cup tapioca flour and it turned out great. I'm planning to try with quinoa. Thank you so much for this recipe!


Made this bread today exactly as per recipe. I wouldn't be able to guess it's gluten free! A hearty bread memory came back and now the only problem is not eating it all at once haha!Really hit the bread spot. Thanks for sharing it. Would it freeze well? Whole or in slices?

you can get Teff flour at most health food stores.

I love the idea of using ground chia in the place of xanthan gum. Can you give me a rule of thumb for chia/xanthan substitution? This is a great recipe! I substituted ground quinoa for the cornmeal. I love that it will toast!

We are just baking it for the second time. It is amazing. Today we tripled the amount.

Ali - I am wondering where you can get all these assortment of flours for not a crazy price. Also, how would you suggest to store these flours?
Thank you! I am just about to start going gluten free after trying so many things to resolve my health and in particular digestive issues. I just feel awful, it's so hard though when my husband will not. O well, have to do it!

The best gluten-free bread I've tried. A real winner. Rich wholesome flavor, cuts just like regular bread. Tried with flax seeds too, but got a bit soggier result; chia seeds work best. The whole family loves it, even my teens. A huge thank you for sharing the recipe.

Thank you for this recipe post, I made this bread today, it is wonderful! Hearty, wholesome just like homemade whole wheat bread! love it, I'm sharing it with my gluten-free friends.

This is one of the best bread I have ever made and enjoyed my husband loves it. I don't use cornmeal so I sub it with almond flour.We are also don't do gluten. I have to made one ever week it don't last, more because of my husband. THANK YOU love it.

Wow, what fabulous bread! I love it. So does my husband and mother, and both of them eat gluten regularly. It cuts just like gluten-filled bread. Thank you for coming up with this idea and sharing it with others. I'm going to check out your cook book - Nourishing Meals:)

First, thank you for all the education, recipes,desire to set people free from health issues and be their own advocate.
In regards to the bread recipes, I continually end up with dense but sticky bread. I double checked, temp, bought new thermometer, new yeast, watched you bake amazing buns, but some reason the recipes end up heavy. The bread rises, and then stops, probably a third of what needs to take place. Can't seem to get it to a full rise.
We reside in mn, but the house is warm,
Checked my oven, cooks a little above the temp.
I really would like to feed my kids nutritious bread, but I just keep getting the same experiences,
Ugh, any more insight is greatly appreciated,
Thank you for your time, many of the recipes are staples in our home. Just the bread seems to be a challenge.

I just made this today and it is wonderful! I altered it a little by removing the rice flour and using more sorghum, and substituting millet for the teff flour. So yummy and I'm excited to have found a recipe that both works and is delicious! One question...what's the best way to store this?

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