Gluten-Free Bread (xanthan-free, vegan)

Ali Segersten Apr 15, 2011

Today I have a very unique recipe to share. A gluten-free bread recipe that needs to be kneaded! It is made of whole grain flours and is also free of xanthan gum, starches, nuts, eggs, and dairy. Last August I began creating kneadable dinner rolls and braided bread free of the above mentioned ingredients. But something was missing. You see, I grew up making whole wheat bread from scratch with my mother. When I was two years old I was at the counter kneading bread. In high school I would bake my own bread for sandwiches. I have missed the feel of bread dough.

A few months ago I decided to try adding psyllium husk to my bread to see what would happen....and wow....gluten-free bread that really kneads! I was already using ground chia seeds, which help to hold moisture and bind everything together. But the combination of psyllium husk and ground chia works wonders! Psyllium is a fiber that is used in colon cleansing. It also works wonders on lowering cholesterol levels. It can be found on or at your local health food store. Be sure to look for "whole psyllium husk." Whole chia seeds can be found at your local health food store and online. See the tip at the bottom of the recipe for grinding them.

If you try this bread, I would love your feedback in a comment below. Or, share your photos on Instagram and tag me @nourishingmeals! I have many more kneadable gluten-free, xanthan-free, vegan bread recipes in my book, Nourishing Meals. Some examples include Buckwheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Everyday Sandwich Bread, and Sourdough Teff Bread! Enjoy!

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First time ever making GF bread. Adjusted the recipe for what I had - flax instead of chia seeds and Bob's Red Mill GF all-purpose flour instead of your mix. Worked wonderfully! How lovely to have yummy bread again after so long!

We LOOOOVE this recipe!!! Has anyone had any luck doubling the recipe? Want to know before I try...

Do you use coarse grind Cornmeal or Medium grind? Yhe medium looks more like a flour.

Wow!! After so much searching for a bread recipe that doesn't have a million ingredients in it, and quite resembles wheat bread, this one is a winner!!
Thank you for posting it! You've made my day!!

Could this be made in an electric breadmaker machine?

I make this bread and it become so good , This is the BEST bread I made since I become a GF 3 years ago.
I have one question to ask: is this specific psyllium brand is manufacture in gluten free facility???
I purchase psyllium that packet in facility with wheat and I had stomach pain.
Thank you

Another addendum:

Hopefully I specified in the previous post that avoiding the "punch down" of the bread in a bread machine is only for gluten-free breads.

A trick I recently read about, and tried (successfully) for the first time when making this bread, for keeping from having a hole from the kneading paddle in the bottom of the finished loaf of bread, is to remove the paddle before the last rise (which in this case is the only one).

My pet peeve is finally solved. Now I can feel free to share loaves of bread machine bread with others!

For those wanting to know the weights of ingredients in grams:

1/3 cup ground chia seeds, 32 grams
1/3 cup whole psyllium husks, 27 grams
1 cup teff flour, 200 grams
1 cup sorghum flour, 136 grams
1/2 cup sweet rice flour, 80 grams
1/2 cup cornmeal (whole grain), 70 grams

I am not gluten intolerant but wanted to experiment with a gluten-free diet. I chose to make this bread since it is whole grain and also vegan.

Not having enough chia seeds, I made up for the difference with flax seeds. With my regular 14-speed blender I used the "grind" setting, the next to fastest speed, to grind the seeds.

I made my bread in my bread machine, as I do all yeast breads, so instead of following the directions given in the recipe, I did as is done on all of my bread machine bread recipes:

1. Start with room temperature ingredients.
2. Place the liquid ingredients (except yeast) in the bread pan of the machine.
3. Add the dry ingredients; make an indentation in the top and place the yeast in it.

After setting the bread machine on the whole wheat setting with a medium crust and 1 1/2 pound size loaf [see Note], I started the machine. As the machine started to knead the dough 30 minutes later, I quickly discovered that the dough was much much too wet, so I added more flour until it was the right consistency (no problem with stickiness). I didn't measure how much had to be added but wouldn't be surprised if it was 1/4 cup, as some of the others have mentioned.

Since it is important not to allow a bread machine to punch down the dough, I paused it after the first rise and just before the "punch down", which in my Breadman Ultimate bread machine comes 1 hr. 40 min. after the machine was started; so I paused it 1 hr. 38 min. to 1 hr. 39 min. after starting the machine. Then I pushed the reset button, set the cycle to "bake", and started the machine again.

To cool the bread, I place the bread machine pan on its side on a cooling rack for 2-3 minutes, turned it over to the other side for 2-3 minutes, removed the bread from the bread machine pan, and placed the bread on the cooling rack until completely cool.

The bread holds together very well and slices easily. However, I don't care for the taste. Some of you have mentioned not liking the taste of the teff flour, so I'll try again later with different flours.

[Note: The finished loaf weighs 2 1/2 pounds, so next time I'll probably halve the recipe and use the 1 1/2 pound setting again.

Thanks for creating and sharing this recipe! It's a wonderful recipe for a good, healthy gluten-free bread. So great to use psyllium and ground chia seed and also to be able to knead it. I've tried a few flour combos and I have come to like using sorghum, millet and a little teff, along with almond meal and a little garbanzo bean flour. I like a little teff, but it's a little strong if I use a full cup. I was able to find most of these flours at a local indian store -- they are also less expensive than the typical Bob's Red Mill comparable ones. I have been making it in a loaf pan and a make the recipe a little larger so I can get a more 'normal' size loaf. I also add in some vitamin c/ascorbic acid; I have read that it it a natural preservative and it also feeds the yeast. Thanks again for sharing! Love this this bread recipe. :)

I made this exactly as written and it is excellent. Thank you for such a great recipe!

I have never baked anything before and this was awesome! My wife and kids eat gluten free and vegan when we can so this was great to try. The instructions were excellent and the result was delicious. I baked my second loaf last night and do believe I've stumbled upon a great hobby...Thank you very much Ali, I'm grateful for your effort...Micah

Just made this two days ago, and it was fantastic! So easy and so delicious. I'm really happy to find an egg-free and xanthan-free bread recipe that actually has chewiness and a good crumb. I think I have to make another batch, because it was so good that we already finished it. Thanks for the great recipe.

Re: The gluten free bread

I loved it for a long time but I can't seem to eat it anymore (IBS-Colitis). It seems to be too heavy. I thought it was the yeast but I am not sure. I suspect that it may be the combination of chia seeds/ psyllium. Do you have any ideas about how to use the recipe so it is easier to digest...I think that is the issue. Thanks a lot!

I just made this and it is by far the BEST I have even made in 5 years. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!

Jillian (Toronto)

Thank you...this is my 1st successful loaf of gluten free bread....after more than 20 failed attempts at different online recipes, I am on cloud nine! Even my husband who gently encouraged me to give up on my quest...that he'd rather never again eat bread than to eat the breads I bake! Lol...well, guess who I had to hide this loaf on after he downed 4 slices before dinner was even served. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I've made this bread a couple of times and we love it! However, it seems to get a little gummy in the middle of the loaf towards the bottom crust.. Am I not adding enough flour to it? I've baked it foro almost an hour and it still turns out that way.

Do you store it in the fridge or just on the counter?

Hi Ali, I work in weight rather than volume with my gluten free baking and have experienced far better results. Do you have a weight conversion for the flours, psylluim and chia??? Thanks

INCREDIBLE! I am new to the glutten free cooking and am so glad to have come across this recipe. This is a great loaf of REAL bread.
Nothing like the store bought kind. It is everything I look for in a loaf.
THANK YOU for sharing!

Is there something I could use instead of corn meal? I can't eat corn. Thanks Jenn

This recipe is very flexible, I love it, it even worked at my high altitude! You were right--adding 1/4 cup more flour the second time I made it got rid of the slight gumminess.
The second time I used all different flours based on a gluten-free flour volume-weight conversion chart (my $10 walmart scale is a lifesaver). I used 120g brown rice, 127 g millet flour, 60 g sweet rice flour, 44 g cornstarch, and 64 g gf oat flour. Then I added in 1/4 cup millet flour while kneading. I also added 1/4 chopped green onion and about 1 1/2 tsp minced garlic. I drizzled the top with butter (couldn't resist) and a lemon herb seasoning mix. It smelled fantastic while baking and the bread tasted heavenly.

Great comments! Has anyone adapted this recipe so it can be made in a bread machine? And which setting do you use?

Just made this today! It came out AMAZING!!! Thank you so, so much!!

This bread mixed together really nice. It rose nice. I had such high hopes. I baked it 40 min.s Very gooey. I can only cut 2 or 3 slices and there's so much goo sticking to my bread knife I can't cut anymore. It has to be toasted. I'm not fond of the taste, assuming it must be the teff.

I just tried this and it was pretty tasty. Mine did end up tasting a bit "yeasty". Not sure that it rose enough. I'll have to try again.

I've made this bread a couple of times and we love it! However, it seems to get a little doughy in the middle.. I've tried cooking it longer than the 40 minutes, but it still doesn't seem quite done...Should I let it bake for a lot longer? Am I not letting it rise long enough?

What's the best way for storing it too?

It's just fantastic!! Great real bread, nothing to envy gluten bread. I'm baking my second at this moment. In the future I'll try sustituying teff and sorghum flours with other gluten-free flours, as it's not easy to find sorghum and teff in italy. I'll give a go to buckwheat and rice and see what happens. For the chia you think I could substitute with flax seeds? Chia seeds are quite expensive here and I would like to make this bread my everyday bread! Thanks you! Great recipes!!

I just tried this bread with a few (unintended) modifications. LOL
I thought I had all the different flours. Didn't. It is very cold outside so I used Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free flour instead of the two 1 cup flour amounts.
Everything else was as required. I even let it cool for an hour (not easy). It is delicious! Fantastic! I had a sandwich immediately. The texture and taste are amazing.
Thank you very much!!!!

HEY, i have only found this in a few places, but, i was wondering if you guys have ever tried a over-night ferment of the dough, with 1/3 the yeast but like a cup of kefir or yogurt. ??

Might be a little late in the day to ask, as this hasn't been commented on since 2011, but I found this and want to try it. Only question I have is, would it be terrible to buy ground chia seed? I'm waiting on a grinder that I want, that's out of stock at the moment. I noticed they sell bags of ground chia at the health food stores. Any reason it wouldn't be as good as grinding them myself?

This is the most amazing GF bread I have ever tasted. In fact, it's just great bread, GF or not. I have never used teff before and I can't believe how much it tastes like whole wheat. I put some Olivio Coconut Spread on it and felt like was back in my pre-GF days just eating a fabulous slice of bread and butter. I literally did a little dance in my kitchen. Thank you!!!

Oh my goodness, this bread is amazing. I'm pretty new to the GF scene. It's been a little over a year since I stumbled upon your website, desperately searching for answers to my at the time infant sons digestion issues. I skipped the 2 day detox and went straight to phase one of the elimination diet and my son started sleeping through the night, no more endless spit up and he was a much happier baby after that, not to mention my own health improved drastically! I've been battling eczema, acne and IBS for years with no clue that gluten might be the.culprit. Anyway, now that I've written a novel......thank-you so much for these recipes. Even my picky eater loves to try these new recipes with me.....God Bless!!

Tried doubling the recipe, though I need to play with that more as it was very solid on the bottom - did not rise properly the second time. Froze a loaf for a couple of weeks and it comes out great. Moist and does not crumble.

Your gluten-free bread recipe is fantastic! I have made it a couple of times and everyone who has tasted it has been astonished to find out that it is gluten-free.

I wanted to make gluten-free bread because of dissatisfaction with what is available in stores. I have been unable to find anything that meets my standards. Your recipe addressed two of my main objectives: vegan and whole grain. The third objective for me was to have a completely organic bread. I am still working on this as neither organic teff flour nor organic sorghum flour are available locally. I found a source for organic sorghum flour:

I haven't found organic teff flour in the US, but I did find organic whole teff and my housemate made it into flour in his Vitamix. Here is the source for the grain in case others are interested:

I just made this last night and it was awesome! I didn't have teff flour, so I substituted millet, and it turned out beautifully. This is my go to recipe from now on!

out of sweet rice flour. What can I substitute for that?

This bread is AWESOME!! Hands down, the best gluten-free (and Vegan! Woot!) bread recipe yet, and we have been gluten free for about 6 or 7 years. It was crusty, which is a miracle, AND it was chewy but not as dry and dense as most gf breads. Thank you!!

i am allergic to psyllium so i was wondering if there is anything i could do with this recipe? i am having lots of challenges right now with multiple food allergies which i hope clear up as i repair my digestive system with the elimination of gluten. But i have been a breadmaker for a long time---but this is all new territory for me and i am missing bread.

Can this dough be made in a bread maker? I know that defeats the purpose of getting your hands dirty, but I've never ever made bread and I wouldn't know how to knead it!!

I started making this bread this week. I too am thrilled with a gluten free bread that you can knead. I have been desperate for a "real" bread that I can make. This completely satisfies me. I also made my own version of this. I mill my own flour as well. My version (and it works beautifully) is for a cinnamon raisin bread.
I used 2 cups Sorghum, 1 cup arrowroot powder and 1 cup millet flour. I knead in the extra millet flour and it varies (it's about 1/8th of a cup). I add 1 cup raisins and 2 T cinnamon. I love the texture of this. My kids love it too. They are 16 months and 6 years old. I don't think I will ever tire of making variations of this bread. Thank you Ali for being so intuitive for this miracle. :-)

Can you share how to use my sourdough starter instead of dried yeast?! thank you!

After two years of looking for a favorite GF bread, this is it! And it has been for a while!

Anyone try to freeze this bread? Does it stay soft upon thawing??

Hi, Thought I'd mention the print function cuts off the 1/3c psyllium husk from the wet ingredient listing. I just bought the psyllium husk today and will be trying this shortly! Thanks. Karen

Can this be made in a bread maker?

Sunflower - try a bread recipe that uses all coconut flour, which is high protein and fiber. It's usually just coconut flour, a bunch of eggs, and some rising agent. No starch. I don't have a recipe to recommend off the top of my head, but if you do a search for "coconut flour bread recipe" you'll get some ideas.

Hi! Your blog is gorgeous. Do you happen to have any gluten free bread recipes that don't use starch? I'm trying to find recipes that don't include any extra starches. Thanks! :)

This is far and away the best gluten free bread recipe I've ever tried! My daughter loves it. It bakes beautifully on a baking stone - our only frustration is the round loaf turns out so tapered that there are few slices that are appropriate for sandwiches.

I've solved that dilemma by taking a long sheet of parchment paper and folding it lengthwise into a strip about 4"high. I formed my bread into a nice high loaf shape - it's so "gutsy" that it keeps its shape very nicely.

I then stapled the strip into a circle and then folded and stapled down the outside to create four "sides" so it was in the basic rectangular shape of a loaf pan.

It held the bread into the loaf shape beautifully - I let it cool with the collar in place and now have a more sandwich-friendly loaf of wonderful bread. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe!


This is the best gluten-free bread I've tried yet! Thank you thanks you thank you!! It's simply awesome and very delicious.

Thank you sooo much for this recipe! I have been gluten free for about a year now. I have truly missed making bread. I used to make bread every week. I loved kneading it and shaping it. After I entered the gluten free bread world, poof went kneadable. This loaf is reminiscent of a loaf that my husband and I loved out of James Beard's book "Beard on Bread". I never thought I would taste anything that was gluten free that ever tasted anything like that of my gluten memories.

Thank you for making so many things that my whole family can eat and enjoy. You are truly a lifesaver!

Oh my word, I just made this and waited for it to cool... and now I scarfed three slices down in no time at all! This is absolutely delicious, and rather easy to make, once you collect all the ingredients. I will definitely make it again and again and again!
I might bake it for five extra minutes though. It looks like the centre of the loaf dropped down a bit since it cooled. Could be gooey in the middle?

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