Spicy Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Krapow Gai)

Ali Segersten (author) Oct 30, 2020
Pad Krapow Gai-2
Pad Krapow Gai (Spicy Thai Basil Chicken)
Average Recipe
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes

Pad Krapow Gai is a traditional Thai dish served over long-grain white rice. Typically, oyster sauce and soy sauce are used in the sauce but I created a soy-free, gluten-free version based on a recipe our good friends brought back from their travels in Thailand. I like to use Holy Basil, Thai Basil, or this Purple Mountain Basil I grow in my garden (pictured here) in this recipe as it lends a better flavor compared to sweet basil (but use whatever you have on hand). For added spice, chop up some extra fresh Thai chili peppers for garnish!

1 tablespoons avocado oil
1 medium onions diced
¼ teaspoons sea salt
1 pounds boneless chicken breasts ground (or ground chicken)
½ pounds green beans chopped
1 medium red bell peppers diced
6 cloves garlic crushed
2 thai chili peppers chopped
2 cups holy basil (or Thai basil)


4 tablespoons coconut aminos
2 tablespoons fish sauce
1 tablespoons coconut sugar
1 cups chicken stock
2 teaspoons arrowroot powder