Average Recipe
Prep Time
10 minutes
2 servings

Avocado toast is a yummy and quick to prepare snack, breakfast, or lunch. It can easily be customized to the ingredients you have on hand, or those that fit with your dietary preferences. Try adding other vegetables such as sliced tomato or cucumber, smoked salmon, or leftover sauces and dips such as Olive Tapenade, Artichoke Pâté, or Romesco Dip. If you prefer, fried or scrambled eggs can be used in place of the poached egg, or leave the egg off altogether. Use whatever type of bread that fits your diet! Sourdough whole wheat bread, gluten-free bread, or grain-free paleo bread! 



2 eggs
½ teaspoons raw apple cider vinegar


2 slices whole grain bread
1 ripe avocados thinly sliced
1 radishes thinly sliced
¼ cups microgreens
1 pinches sea salt
1 pinches freshly ground black pepper