Raw Berry Tart with a Coconut Pastry Cream

Ali Segersten (author) Jul 03, 2012
Raw Berry Tart with a Coconut Pastry Cream
raw berry tart - crust
Average Recipe
Prep Time
30 minutes

Serve this nourishing raw berry tart as part of a summer picnic or 4th of July celebration! Be sure to keep this tart refrigerated until ready to serve. You'll need a food processor to make the crust and a high-powered blender, such as a Vitamix for the filling. For the crust, I use truly raw organic almonds that have been soaked for 12 to 24 hours and then dehydrated at a low temperature (this step is optional). This makes the nuts far more digestible; the dehydration process makes them shelf stable. For the fruit, try adding sliced peaches, pitted cherries, or sliced kiwi in addition to the berries if desired!

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Raw Berry Tart with a Coconut Pastry Cream (vegan, gluten-free)



2 cups raw almonds (or pecans, or a combination of both)
1 cups pitted medjool dates (about 10)
1 tablespoons coconut oil
1 pinches sea salt

Pastry Cream

1 cups raw cashews
¼ cups water
¼ cups freshly squeezed orange juice
4 tablespoons coconut nectar (or raw honey)
¾ cups softened coconut butter
2 teaspoons non-alcoholic vanilla
1 teaspoons organic almond flavoring


strawberries halved