Average Recipe
Prep Time
20 minutes
Wait Time
2 hours
Cook Time
20 minutes
12 small squares

Serve this simple, nutritious grain-free, vegan dessert for brunch or after a special occasion meal. The turmeric powder gives the filling a beautiful yellow hue; add more or less depending on how bright you would like the tart to be!



1½ cups blanched almond flour
¼ cups arrowroot powder
1 tablespoons coconut flour
½ teaspoons sea salt
¼ cups coconut oil
1 tablespoons maple syrup (or honey)
2 teaspoons water


1½ cups non-dairy milk
½ cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
cups raw honey
2 tablespoons arrowroot powder
2 teaspoons agar powder
1 pinches turmeric powder
1 pinches sea salt