Average Recipe
Prep Time
20 minutes

Serve thin slices of this decadent, yet healthy raw chocolate dessert at the end of a holiday dinner. Raw cacao powder is rich in antioxidants, and the coconut oil, coconut butter, and avocado are all full of healthy fats. The nut crust contains protein, healthy fats, and minerals such as magnesium. Coconut butter is the ground-up dried meat of the coconut (you can make your own by processing organic coconut flakes until they turn to butter in the food processor or high-powered blender). It can be called different names, such as coconut mana, coconut spread, or coconut butter.



1 cups raw almonds
½ cups raw pecans
¼ teaspoons sea salt
10 medjool dates


½ cups melted coconut oil
½ cups coconut nectar
6 tablespoons melted coconut butter
6 tablespoons cacao powder
1 teaspoons raw vanilla powder
1 small avocados


raw cacao nibs
coarse pink Himalayan salt