Average Recipe
Prep Time
25 minutes
Wait Time
8 hours
Cook Time
1 hour 20 minutes

This soup is a celebration of the flavors of autumn and the abundant harvest that this season has to offer. Make a pot of brown rice while the soup is cooking. The soup is delicious served with a small scoop of rice, sliced jalapeño peppers, avocado, and extra lime! This recipe contains two methods of cooking to choose from: a traditional stovetop method and an Instant Pot method. If choosing the Instant Pot method, make sure to follow the directions for the reduction of liquids. 

Preparation Note

Place the uncooked pinto beans into a medium-sized glass bowl. Cover them with several inches of water. Place the bowl on your counter for 8 to 24 hours. When ready to use, pour the beans and water through a colander and rinse with fresh water.

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 large onions chopped
5 cloves garlic crushed
1 tablespoons ground cumin
1 teaspoons smoked paprika
½ teaspoons chipotle chili powder
1 tablespoons Herbamare
2 cups pinto beans (soaked for 8 to 12 hours)
8 cups water
15 ounces fire-roasted crushed tomatoes
2 jalapeño peppers finely diced
3 large carrots peeled and sliced
2 small yams peeled and chopped
2 ears of corn cut from the cob
1 bunches curly kale chopped
1 cups cilantro
¼ cups lime juice