Easy Recipe
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
25 minutes

When you are on a limited diet, you don't have to trade flavor for health! These nightshade-free and citrus-free chicken fajitas are very flavorful and satisfying. Nightshade family vegetables include bell peppers, chili peppers, chili powder, and paprika, all of which are typically found in traditional fajita recipes. Oregano, which is actually quite spicy, provides a little kick in this recipe. I like to serve these with baby arugula and broccoli sprouts, both of which provide additional "spice" in the fajitas. 

1¼ pounds boneless chicken breasts sliced into thin strips
3 large carrots cut into matchsticks
3 medium parsnips cut into matchsticks
1 medium red onions cut into half moons
1½ teaspoons dried oregano
1½ teaspoons ground cumin
1½ teaspoons ground coriander
1 teaspoons black pepper
1 teaspoons sea salt
1 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons avocado oil

Other Ingredients

1 packages Siete Cassava-Chia Tortillas
3 cups baby arugula
2 small avocados sliced
1 cups broccoli sprouts