Challenging Recipe
Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
6 cups

Use this recipe to preserve part of your summer fruit harvest! My recipe is barely adapted from the very detailed directions and variations given in the package of Pomona Pectin. This brand of pectin is made from citrus peel instead of corn. You should be able to find this particular pectin at your local co-op or health food store. I use a Vitamix to quickly mash my fruit. Not so it is completely pureed, but just ground up and still a little chunky. This recipe is for strawberries, raspberries, cherries, currants, and gooseberries. You'll need to add a certain amount of lemon juice for other fruits. Follow the directions that come with the package. The two jams pictured here are Strawberry-Honey and Strawberry-Raspberry-Black Currant-Honey. For the latter combination, I used equal parts of the three fruits.

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How to Make Honey-Sweetened Jam

10 cups berries hulled, rinsed, pitted, and stems removed (to equal 6 cups mashed, ground-up fruit)
1 tablespoons calcium water (see note)
1 cups raw honey
1 tablespoons Pomona Pectin