Easy Recipe
Prep Time
15 minutes
Wait Time
8 hours
Cook Time
15 minutes

Serve this hearty white bean and tomato stew any time of year. This recipe requires an Instant Pot, which creates very tender beans in minutes! I highly recommend using one for cooking beans, if you don't already. Serve stew with an extra drizzle of olive oil and a loaf of hearty whole grain bread for a nourishing plant-based meal.

Preparation Note

Soak your dry beans in a bowl of water for at least 8 hours before making this. If you want to make this for dinner, then soak the beans in the morning, before you go to work.

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
8 cloves garlic crushed
2 cups cannellini beans (soaked overnight)
18 ounces diced tomatoes (2 cups)
1½ cups water
1 tablespoons Italian seasoning
1 teaspoons sea salt
½ bunches kale chopped
1 handfuls parsley chopped
1 handfuls fresh basil chopped